Prince Charles fears cancer will turn into a ‘forgotten C’ during Covid crisis


PRINCE #Charles says he fears cancer will become the ‘forgotten C’ of the #Covid pandemic.

#Macmillan #Cancer #Support boss, he says the virus is wreaking “devastating havoc” on NHS services.

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The future king also paid tribute to the determination of the #British people to fight through months of hardship#Credit: PA: #Press #Association

#He wrote in the #Telegraph: “#In many cases, due to the pandemic, the difficulties turned into crises, a sense of isolation became a true separation and – like life-saving treatment or surgery was sometimes postponed – anxiety has become despair.

“##Macmillan has adapted to this ever-changing situation to ensure that cancer does not become the ‘forgotten C’ during the pandemic, but despite this, #Covid-19 has always had devastating consequences, the charity losing a third of their fundraising. #Income. ”

#Experts say up to 33,000 people should have started cancer treatment but were not due to coronavirus, underscoring the pressure on services.

#Macmillan says as many as 50,000 could be living with the disease and not knowing it, while studies have estimated there could be an excess of cancer deaths between 7,000 and 18,000.

#Charles also paid tribute to the determination of the #British people to fight through months of hardship.

#He added: “These are really daunting circumstances. #However, a charity created to fight cancer is not easily discouraged and as we have seen throughout the past year across our country the tremendous will and compassion of the #British people has eclipsed all darkness.

“#Much has been suffered; much has been lost.

“But a lot has also been rediscovered: an endurance that we have always known in some way to be the basis of our character; a compassion we trusted was at the heart of our values; a courage which we felt could always be called upon at a time of greatest need.

“#In this crisis, the people of this country have not shown lack. They have shown themselves equal to the highest of our ideals, heirs to the best of our traditions and worthy of the memorable history in which they too have now played their part.

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