Primark Launches New Sportswear, Shoppers Share Their ‘Secret’ Tips


January marks the start of New Year’s resolutions and healthy news habits, but with the country under a nationwide lockdown, some of these well-meaning ideas are slipping out the window.
Primark posted a peach-colored top and bottom on their Instagram, as well as a pair of pink sneakers to complete the ensemble, perhaps as motivation to keep up the hard work.

The captioned message: “Nothing like a good stretch. What are your tips for staying at home? Garnered a few cheeky responses in a matter of minutes.

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In response to Instagram’s well-meaning post, lovers at the retailer left comments that were the complete opposite of what might be considered healthy and active lifestyle advice.

One Instagram user commented:

“I bring the spoon from the breakfast bowl to my mouth!” ”

While another replied: “Haha that works too! ”

Followed by another comment that said:

“I train myself to go further, like crossing the table to get the chocolate”

Although Primark stores are closed across the UK, many of its beloved shoppers have been wowed by the exercise clothing, commenting on heart-shaped emojis on the post.

At the end of the week, Primark shoppers get one step closer to entering its stores and may be able to get some much needed activity.

How have you stayed active this year so far? Can you talk about any of the “tips” mentioned? Let us know in the comments section here .


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