Police to issue fines to coronavirus rule violators after warning


However, civil rights group Liberty has warned that the constantly changing restrictions risk confusing police and the public.
Sam Grant, campaign chief policy officer, said: “Stricter enforcement of confusing rules based on impossibly vague guidelines is a recipe for injustice. Police must help keep people safe, but focusing on criminal justice will only undermine public confidence in their efforts.

The uncompromising new approach to law enforcement emerged when a number of police chiefs issued stern warnings that officers were more likely to issue fines instead of giving advice or direction.

Wiltshire Police Chief Kier Pritchard said his officers “will go to enforcement much faster” when they spot people “blatantly breaking the rules”.

“So far, law enforcement has focused on engagement, reinforcing the message within our communities and encouraging the public to comply in the first place, only returning to law enforcement when we are. faced with deliberate or repeated violations, ”he said. Wiltshire Gazette and Herald Saturday.

“We will continue to work with our communities, but my officers will move quickly to enforce the law against those who blatantly break the rules.

Devon and Cornwall Police have also posted a message on social media urging those who exercise to ‘stay local’.

Police chief Shaun Sawyer said he would use more high-visibility patrols and deploy automatic license plate recognition technology to spot those making unnecessary trips.

Policing during the pandemic has become “more intense due to the duration of the situation,” he said, adding, “We are going to enforce and there is going to be a tremendous amount of activity and a lot of difficult conversations though. it continues. . ”


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