Plug the exhaust in the Tesla compressor


A Ram pickup truck pulled up to a Tesla supercharger and proceeded to lock it up. The truck identifies itself as a Toyota Prius and has the charging cable in its exhaust, but the truck is not fooling anyone.
Of course, this van driver probably sees this as a humorous act. The driver clearly wants to draw attention to this. Why else identify as a Prius and “plug” a charging cable into the massive exhaust?

Certainly, we laughed when we saw this. However, blocking charging stations is a real thing and for electric car drivers it is more than frustrating. A stuck charger could leave an electric car stranded if the charge is near zero and there is no other place to plug in.

In the early days of EVs, stuck chargers were likely the result of drivers of gasoline / diesel cars not knowing these locations were specifically for electric cars. These days it’s a little different. Signage has improved and most drivers are fully aware of the purpose of charging stations, so it’s rare to see a charger stuck today and if one of them is stuck, it has likely to be an intentional act of the operator of the gasoline / diesel vehicle.

In this case though, identifying yourself as Prius and plugging into a Supercharger shows another level of lack of education. The “normal” Prius doesn’t even plug in and certainly can’t access the Tesla Supercharger network. So while the Ram Truck Driver probably thinks it’s funny the jokes are really on him / her as it shows a complete lack of knowledge on many levels.

In addition to blocking charging stations, there is another even cruder act often involving Teslas and a truck. We are referring to the myriad acts of coal rolling on Teslas, which are performed by illegally modified diesel trucks that often specifically target Teslas in the wild.


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