Parler sues Amazon after hosting shutdown takes app offline


Talk sued Amazon after the tech giant kicked the conservative social media app out of its servers.

In court documents, Parler claimed that Amazon Web Services violated antitrust law by shutting down his account and violating their contractual agreement.
Speak, who is popular with supporters of Donald Trump. was suspended by Amazon, fearing it would not be able to filter content that could incite violence.
Right-wing groups behind the storming of Capitol Hill reportedly used the app to coordinate their actions in an attempt to prevent certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory over Mr. Trump.
Now Parler has asked a federal judge in Seattle to order Amazon to restore service.
In an 18-page complaint filed by their lawyers, Parler accuses Amazon Web Services of “political animosity” and double standards in relation to the treatment given to Twitter.
“AWS’s decision to effectively close the Talk account is apparently motivated by political animosity,” the lawsuit says.
“It is also apparently designed to reduce competition in the microblogging service market for the benefit of Twitter.”
Speaking saw a huge increase in membership after Trump’s riot last week on Capitol Hill, which left five people dead.
Parler’s court record indicates that their increase in popularity means his reinstatement online is urgent.
“It’s going to kill Parler’s business – just as it’s about to skyrocket,” the dossier states.
AWS cut Talking off its servers on Sunday night, shortly after Apple and Google took similar action.
In 2020, around 10 million people downloaded Parler, with 80% of users in the United States.
Parler says its usage increased in 2021 with a 355% increase in Friday alone, the day Twitter banned Mr. Trump’s account.
“If Talking is not available, people will look to alternatives, or maybe come back to Twitter or Facebook,” the complaint read.
“And once these users start using another platform, they may not come back to Talking once it’s back online.”


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