Ontario Cabinet Considering New COVID-19 Lockdown Measures Monday


TORONTO – The Ontario cabinet will consider a series of new measures to tackle the spread of the coronavirus in the province during a meeting this evening, after health officials worked throughout the weekend to develop a new strategy.
A government source told CP24 that work to develop new measures is still ongoing and the latest package of measures will be considered at a cabinet meeting this evening, before being publicly announced Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Toronto Mayor John Tory said for the first time he could support a curfew as part of the new effort, but urged the province to consider reducing the list of businesses deemed essential for keep more people in their homes.

“I’m not ruling out a curfew, but I really wonder if it will be the most effective. If you have a curfew, can we enforce it, ”Tory told CP24 Monday. “If you told me that outside of a curfew you had to put more restrictions on when you can get food, I would be perfectly comfortable with that,” he said. -he declares.

Ontario reported 3,945 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday, setting a new record, with Toronto registering 1,160 alone.

Almost 400 people are hospitalized in the city, and more than 1,000 more are hospitalized elsewhere in Ontario.

The growth of cases prompted the Ford government last week to postpone reopening schools in southern Ontario for most of the month, and a new pledge to release models and larger public health measures on Tuesday.

Tory reiterated his call on Monday for the province to continue.

“Every day puts more pressure on the health care system and frankly makes more people sick.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, member of the Ontario Vaccine Distribution Working Group and epidemiologist, told CP24 that the latest provincial modeling predicts daily case growth of 6,000 cases per day by Jan. 30 without further measurements. public health.

He said he would not be surprised if the province adopted what Quebec has done, which includes a strict curfew.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they look east and copy and paste what Quebec is doing. Quebec has closed a few other industries. Quebec has imposed a curfew. Honestly, I have no idea what they’re going to do, but if you think about what other levers you can pull, these are other levers you can pull. ”

Meanwhile, Tory reiterated what he had been saying since December that Ontario must undergo a second full lockdown, similar to what was done in the spring, in order to bring the spread of COVID-19 under control.

“I think we have to go through a period where pretty much everything is closed like in the spring. I was not happy but we went through it and it worked because people stayed at home because everything was closed. ”

He said he believed some businesses operating under the current foreclosure rules could be shut down.

“The first are the big box stores,” Tory said. “I never understood in my life that if we closed a small retail business and said you couldn’t go to those stores and they couldn’t be opened except for curbside pickup, and thanks for at least that, i never understood that. If we say the retail business is closed, then it is closed. ”

He said the banks, which were closed in early spring, could also be closed to the public given the capabilities of electronic banking.


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