Olivia Wilde wears La Ligne jumpers on her outings with Harry Styles


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Olivia Wilde’s latest accessory is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And I’m just going to get right to the point and say yes, I’m talking about Harry Styles.

We all should have known it was a chaotic week when news broke that Wilde and Styles were dating. No one ever saw it coming. But now that it’s here, all we can focus on is Wilde’s really good unspoken sweater game – although it looks like she’s currently taking some advice from Styles’ closet.

While out with Styles this week, Wilde was spotted in two La Ligne sweaters. The plaid waistcoat looks almost identical to the plaid waistcoat Styles wore in his Treat people with kindness Musical clip. The other is a striped merino half-zip that also looks like something Styles would wear with a pearl necklace – and it’s currently available from Nordstrom for $ 295. Wilde wore hers with Converse basses.

Buy now: 295 $; nordstrom.com

It seems Wilde has long been a fan of the under the radar cozy sweater brand that looks like one of Nordstrom’s best-kept secrets. If you see a photo of Olivia Wilde in a sweater, there’s almost a 100% chance it’s La Ligne. She’s worn the mark countless times and even gave it several cries on her Instagram.

The New York-based brand was founded in 2015 by two former Vogue editors and the former head of business development at Rag & Bone. The chic sweater brand was built around the concept of the classic stripe, with the aim of turning it into a timeless collection that women around the world could wear forever. It’s clear the brand resonates with Wilde, who apparently owns almost all of Nordstrom’s brand selection. While it’s not necessarily cheap, the majority of La Ligne’s super-luxe sweaters cost less than $ 300. A handful of its more expensive offerings cost less than $ 500, which is a lot cheaper than knits as chic as the celebrities of Khaite.

Now that the world knows how beautiful The Line is with Harry Styles, there is no doubt that the brand is about to be everywhere. And we’re sure a Wilde-Styles La Ligne pairing moment is just around the corner. Hopefully pearl necklaces are also involved.

Discover the best La Ligne jumpers at Nordstrom below.

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