Norway becomes first country to sell more electric cars than gasoline vehicles


The Norwegian government plans to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by 2025 and uses tax breaks and financial incentives to encourage the purchase of more sustainable vehicles.

Battery-powered electric vehicles accounted for 54.3% of new car sales in 2020, up from 42% in 2019, according to figures released Tuesday by the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV).

Cars with diesel engines only fell from 75.7% of the Norwegian vehicle market in 2011 to just 8.6% in 2020.
“We are definitely on the right track to reach the 2025 target,” said Øyvind Thorsen, CEO of OFV.

The most popular model in the country was the Audi e-tron sport and sports utility vehicle, with the mid-size Tesla Model 3 taking second place.
As more models come to market, sales of electric vehicles are expected to increase in 2021, according to an industry analyst,

“Our preliminary forecast is that electric cars will exceed 65% of the market in 2021,” said Christina Bu, who heads the Norwegian Association of Electric Vehicles, an interest group. “If we get there, the goal of selling only zero-emission cars by 2025 will be within reach.


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