Next high-flying SpaceX spacecraft test could take off as early as Tuesday


It’s just the nose of the Starship SN8.

Elon Musk

Just in time to distract from the ongoing chaos in Washington, DC, SpaceX is working on another high-altitude test flight of its next-generation space flight system.

The latest prototype of Elon Musk’s ship, identified by the serial number SN9, suffered a brief test shooting of its Raptor engines at the company’s Boca Chica, Texas, development plant on Wednesday, Jan.6. The test is part of a series of checks, which may include another static fire, leading to a launch that could take place as early as Tuesday.

Airspace restrictions are also in place around Boca Chica for Wednesday and Thursday. Previous restrictions in place for Friday January 8, Sunday January 10 and Monday January 11 have been revoked.

SpaceX has tested and reiterated its Starship design over the past two years, starting with a series of low altitude jumps“The first successful flight at a significant altitude took place last month when the SN8 reached approximately the same altitude where commercial jets do much of their cruise.

The milestone was then followed by a return to Earth and a new landing maneuver which seemed to succeed in orienting the rocket, but alas SN8 arrived too quickly and encountered a spectacular and explosive ending.

SpaceX SN8 flew high and landed hard.

SpaceX / CNET video capture by Jackson Ryan

We might get lucky and see the sequel to SN8’s test on Tuesday, but scrubs and delays have been part of the routine of the Starship development process, so it seems just as likely we’ll have to wait until later in the day. the week or even later in the month.

Whenever SN9 flies, we will be sure to stream the video here. Stay tuned.


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