Newcastle boss Bruce says it is ‘morally wrong’ to keep playing amid coronavirus outbreak


Having seen the effects of the virus on his own playing team and staff, the Magpies boss believes the only argument to play is financial

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce believes it is ‘morally wrong’ for football to move forward during the latest wave of the coronavirus.
Infections are at a record high across the UK, while in England and Wales hospital capacity is reduced due to the volume of patients admitted.

Bruce saw the problems the virus can cause, with several members of the first team affected by the bug earlier this season. Having witnessed the impact, he called for a suspension of the game in an effort to safeguard the future of the players and their families.

“I see other clubs struggling with this now and of course there are Premier League protocols in place, but once you leave the training ground you are in the outside world,” he said. he told the media on Friday.

“The speed at which it has torn us apart is something all football clubs will look into as it’s hard to contain and stop.

“We’ve seen firsthand how it affects people – we’ve had two very, very sick players and a staff or two, one in particular almost hospitalized.

“And no one expected this new wave to be as powerful as it is.

“Financially it’s fair to play, but for me – morally it’s wrong. I understand that people want to play a football game, but we are just as vulnerable as everyone else. ”

Bruce notably cited the case of star striker Allan Saint-Maximin.

“Once it left him it caused big problems,” he said. “Allan has been out for six weeks or whatever, so it’s going to take a while. I am not a doctor but there are so many symptoms and problems afterwards that it was difficult.

Bruce believes clubs are taking all reasonable precautions in tackling the virus, but he’s not sure that will be enough.

“Let’s be honest, when we’re in football we socialize,” Bruce said. “We may be taking all the protocols the right way and doing everything we can, but how do we stop Manchester City from celebrating like they did the other night?

“They were all together, partying, sweating, exhaling badly. If you stop that, you stop all the enjoyment of the sport.

“We are all in pain, but we are the luckiest in providing entertainment that people can listen to and watch.

“There will however come a stage where we will have to make a decision – hopefully there will be no more outbreaks in the coming weeks.


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