New York Ends All Trade Agreements With Trump Organization Paying Over $ 17 Million A Year


New York terminated all commercial contracts with the Trump organization, costing them $ 17 million [£12,4m] one year of lost income.

It comes after the violent insurgency on Capitol Hill when Trump supporters stormed the building, the chaos that followed left five people dead.
In a speech shortly before the riot, President Trump urged the crowd, telling them to march to Capitol Hill.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted, “New York City doesn’t do business with insurgents. We are taking action to END the deals with the Trump organization. ”
The independent previously reported that Mr. de Blasio said: “The president has instigated a rebellion against the government of the United States, a clearly unconstitutional act and people have died. It is unforgivable.
The Trump organization has made about $ 17 million from running two ice rinks, a carousel and a golf course in New York City public parks, according to the latest financial information released by Le Washington Post.
The contracts include the Wollman and Lasker rinks in Central Park, the Central Park carousel and the Jack Nicklaus-designed Ferry Point golf course near the East River.
The PGA Tour voted on Sunday to remove the 2022 PGA Championship from Mr. Trump’s golf course in New Jersey, the AP reported.
Shopify has also removed online stores associated with Mr. Trump.
In an interview with MSNBC, Mr. de Blasio said: “Inciting an insurgency against the US government is clearly criminal activity.”
“New York City will no longer have anything to do with the Trump organization,” he said.
Mr de Blasio said he expected the Trump organization to challenge the ruling in court, but that the city “will have a solid legal foundation.”
Mr. Trump’s name has already been removed from private buildings like the Trump SoHo Hotel and a few Trump condos in Manhattan, Le New York Times reported.
Mr de Blasio said the deal for the golf course “should never have been done in the first place”. City officials said the contract for the carousel would be canceled in 25 days and the rinks in 30 days. The contract for the Golf Course can take several months to complete as it is more complex than other contracts.
Mr de Blasio pushed to cut the city’s ties with Mr Trump in 2015 after he disparaged Latinos, but legal experts then said it would be difficult to move the decision forward in court.
The contracts contain terms, including words like “arbitrary” and “capricious,” which prohibit rescinding the agreements if it appears to be due to personal animosity.
New York City Democratic Councilor Mark Levine applauded the move, tweeting that he has been “fighting to cancel” contracts since Mr. Trump “stepped off the escalator in 2015 to launch his hate campaign “.
Mr. Levine said seeing Mr. Trump’s name on Central Park establishments “felt like a punch in the gut.”


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