Neoen plans a US $ 1.2 billion solar project, storage in France, energy and raw materials


Mon, Jan 11, 2021 – 11:42 PM

[PARIS] Engie and Neoen plan to invest around US $ 1.2 billion to build one of the world’s largest solar parks in south-eastern France.
Although the French utilities project is still three years away from construction, it is another sign that solar energy is increasingly competitive in Europe, where governments and companies are accelerating plans to reduce emissions. of carbon and pollution.

“The electricity will mainly be sold through company power purchase agreements directly with companies, external tenders or subsidies,” Bruno Hernandez, company manager, said on Friday. at Engie. “The two companies are ready to show that photovoltaic production has reached a degree of maturity which allows it to be produced and sold without public aid. The Horizeo project provides for the construction of a 1 gigawatt solar farm near Bordeaux, producing enough electricity to meet the annual needs of around 600,000 residents, Hernandez said.

It also involves building a 40-megawatt battery storage facility, a 10-megawatt electrolyzer, producing enough hydrogen to power about 40 buses, and a data center, according to Hernandez. The heat produced by the data center could be used for agricultural greenhouses, he said.

The solar park would account for about two-thirds of the € 1 billion (S $ 1.6 billion) investment, the project manager said. Companies can make a final investment decision before the end of 2023, provided it obtains all permits, with a commissioning in 2026, he said.



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