Mourinho has no sympathy for Fulham over the change of fixture


London (AFP)

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has said Fulham has little reason to complain about being invited to play a Premier League game at short notice, with his counterpart Scott Parker calling the schedule “outrageous”.

Spurs were due to play at Aston Villa on Wednesday, but a coronavirus outbreak at the Midlands club forced a postponement on Monday.

The Premier League moved quickly to put Spurs ‘game with the Cottagers in the vacant box after the original game was postponed with three hours’ notice on December 30 due to a Covid-19 outbreak in the squad by Parker.

The Fulham boss has slammed the decision, with their game against Chelsea scheduled for Friday also being set back 24 hours.

But Mourinho, who feared a crippling match stack for Tottenham, offered little sympathy given the short notice of the original game’s postponement.

Asked if Fulham had the right to be upset, Mourinho said on Tuesday: “Are you serious? They had 48 hours to prepare for this match. Do you think so? I got the news that I wasn’t going to play them two hours before the game. start. ”

“The biggest impact is having matches postponed,” he added. “It’s the biggest impact.

“The change in the order of matches, the impact is minimal because in the end you have to play 19 matches at home and away, you have to play two matches against each team. ”

“So if it’s to help the Premier League go and end well, I think it’s a solution that we all have to accept as a positive solution. ”

Parker, who played under Mourinho when the Portuguese was in charge at Chelsea, was furious at the move.

“I’m normally the last one to whine or whine,” he says. “To confirm a Premier League game at 9:30 am Monday morning is outrageous. ”

Parker, whose side is third from the bottom of the table, said league leaders have no idea what it takes to prepare for a particular opponent.

“It’s not about the game,” he said. “I accept that we have to play but that’s the advice. The people who make these decisions don’t understand. ”


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