Martin Lewis shares secret Netflix section offering free viewing, explains how to beat the price hike


Money saving expert Martin Lewis has shared his top tips on how to avoid Netflix’s next price hike.
On the latest episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, the consumer champion spoke about how the media streaming giant is increasing subscription prices starting next month.

He explained to viewers: “Netflix is ​​increasing prices by £ 1 per month for its Standard plan to £ 9.99 and by £ 2 per month for its Premium plan to £ 13.99 per month. ”

The founder of also explained how Netflix has started sending notifications of pending price increases to current subscribers and expects the changes to take effect in February 2021.

Martin Lewis explains how to beat Netflix’s next price hike

The financial reporter encourages Netflix subscribers to check what plan they’re on to see if they could save money by downgrading.

He said: ‘The base plan, which is priced unchanged, is £ 5.99 per month. ”

The basic plan allows subscribers to have Netflix on multiple devices, but they can only view standard definition (SD) streaming content on one at a time.

However, Martin added, “If you watch on your mobile or tablet, SD won’t make much of a difference. ”

He then explained how the Standard plan costs £ 9.99 per month and allows subscribers to view High Definition (HD) content on up to two devices at a time.

Martin also suggested: “If a lot of you have subscriptions in one household, cut it down and go Premium and you can watch HD on up to four devices for £ 13.99 per month, which is cheaper than multiple subscriptions. ”

It also shared a secret section on the Netflix website that allows viewers to watch certain content streaming completely for free.

Martin said, “What you also might not know about Netflix is ​​that you can access Netflix.xom / without watching and some of its shows are available for free there and you don’t have to. payable, including Stranger Things and Our Planet. . ”

You can watch free Netflix shows here. also has a list of 18 Netflix hacks to help you save money and get more for your membership, find out more here.


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