Manhattan couple forge positive COVID tests to delay husband’s criminal trial


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – A Manhattan couple have been charged with allegedly tampering with positive COVID tests to delay the husband’s criminal trial. Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Sini announced the indictment against Devon on Monday Lewis, 35, and Blair McDermott, 36.
The couple were charged with forgery, criminal contempt and offering a false instrument of deposit.

“It is reprehensible that someone pretends to be a carrier of this deadly virus, which has taken so much from so many people, to try to avoid the consequences of their own criminal actions,” said prosecutor Sini. “It was a completely selfish and senseless attempt to subvert our criminal justice system and delay the inevitable, but there is no escape from justice in Suffolk County. You will be caught and you will be pursued.

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Lewis, who has been indicted on multiple criminal charges relating to the sale and possession of cocaine and heroin, had a jury trial scheduled for September 17, 2020.

However, on September 23, Lewis presented the court with a document claiming McDermott had tested positive for COVID.

As a result, the decision was made to stay the trial and resume after McDermott tested negative.

Then in October, Lewis’ attorney submitted a photo claiming McDermott had tested positive again.

Lewis was convicted by the jury in November on 12 drug charges.

An investigation found McDermott allegedly forged documents submitted to court to show positive COVID test results when she had indeed tested negative.

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He also revealed that a doctor’s note had been falsified stating Lewis had asthma and that any jail time imposed during the coronavirus pandemic would be a health risk.

Lewis is currently being held without bail, while McDermott is due to return to court on January 22.


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