Man sparks outrage by saying “children sitting in carts should be banned”


An Aldi shopper has been criticized by parents online after saying “children inside shopping carts should be banned”.
The man revealed the pet peeve on Facebook, unbeknownst to the backlash he was going to receive.

While posting in the Overheard group of the Aldi group, he admitted that the kids in the shopping carts “really bothered him” – and that it didn’t take long for the other group members to call him, reports Liverpool Echo.

He wrote, “Kids in wagons where the food has to go really bothers me. Anyone else thinks stores should ban this practice and approach the culprits? ”

Parents fight back

The post quickly garnered over 1,900 comments, with the majority of people disagreeing with it.

Responding to her status, one person said, “Well take some with the supermarket so they can provide better carts for parents instead of coming here to shame mum. ”

Another said: “It’s like a rite of passage for children. The larger the cart, the more children can fit in. My record is 11 children: two in the child seats, three in the cart, 5 hanging from the sides (two on each side and one in the front) and of course, one in a car seat, hanging from the hook. bag under the handle. ”

While a third wrote: “Sorry but as a twin mother I often had no choice but to put one or both in the cart where there were no two wagons. or even in a place.

“Thank goodness everyone has always been very nice to me because they could clearly see that I had few other options. Most of the time I did this because I was so worried that someone would tell me that my kids would get in their way if they were next to me. carriage.

“And because I didn’t want them to be hurt if someone hit them while they were trying to walk (trust me, that happens A LOT).”

“But hey, if you approach other people and ruin their day because you worry about a ‘dirty’ cart, that’s what turns you off…”

One mom commented: “I have a 2 and 3 year old child. Unless 2 seater carts are available, my oldest goes in the cart. Unless you want parents to walk the aisles at 3 km / h and kids to run everywhere. ”

“You have clearly never been responsible for a toddler in a grocery store. They are wild. Poor moms are just trying to get out alive, ”added another.

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