Lucasfilm Games is the new home for Star Wars games and all Lucasfilm game titles


Lucasfilm Games is the new home for Star Wars games and all Lucasfilm game titles has revealed that Lucasfilm Games is the official home of Star wars games and “all Lucasfilm game titles” because the games branch has been renamed. You can check out Lucasfilm Games’ new sizzle reel below, celebrating Lucasfilm gaming history!

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In the article, the site revealed that Lucasfilm Games “embraces the company’s rich catalog of video games and its look to the future. To mark the new era, Lucasfilm Games launched social channels on Twitter (@LucasfilmGames) and Facebook (@LucasfilmGames), which will deliver the latest news and more directly to fans. ”

They added that the Lucasfilm Games logo featured above will appear in all future Lucasfilm Games titles.

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According to Collider, the history of Lucasfilm Games dates back to 1982 when George Lucas founded the studio. It was originally created for games developed in-house and eventually made its way into LucasArts in the 90s, with Electronic Arts eventually acquiring the publishing rights. Star wars video games. The Lucasfilm Games banner is now making a comeback for future Lucasfilm game titles as they enter “a new phase of unprecedented creativity … developed in collaboration with the best studios in the industry.”

What do you think of the rebranding? What titles do you hope you can remaster or remake? Share your opinion in the comments below!


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