Lockdown Comedy Queen: Daisy May Cooper’s Perfect Pandemic Parodies | TV comedy


Boris Johnson has his head stuffed into a pillow, wincing as he is ordered to get up and take a bath. The Prime Minister just wants to stay in bed watching old episodes of Bargain Hunt. Why? “Because it’s the only fucking show I can watch where someone doesn’t hurt me, okay?” he says.

It’s not Boris Johnson, of course. Even if it weren’t for the West Country accent, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was, given the straw-shaped mop of hair sticking out from under the pillow and the demeanor of Kevin & Perry with whom the man himself approaches his tasks.

This is a sketch by This Country co-writer and star Daisy May Cooper, who has mastered the art of poking fun at government mismanagement so badly that you couldn’t catch up to it during this locking. And this during her “maternity leave”. It’s not funny in real life, of course, because we all have to live it. But watching Cooper ridicule the government on TikTok is cathartic.

In a video dedicated to the government’s shameful decision to open schools for a day before embarking on another full-fledged lockdown, she imagines the drawing board moment. “You know we’re going to announce the lockdown tonight, do you think it’s worth announcing it beforehand so all the kids don’t have to go to school?” she asks, playing a government official. “No,” she replies, playing another bewildered official, “that’s a laugh! … They’ll run around Clarks trying to find their school shoes, and they’ll go to WH Smith to get all their little stationery and little calculators and rulers – and they won’t even use them! she laughs. “Yeah! The other laughs, managing to convey in one deep laugh, all the reckless abandonment of a government that has let public schools flounder under its response to the coronavirus.

The way she edits the videos adds layers of humor. A tiny microphone that floats to his mouth in several videos, which he still misses, is a smart touch – a way to make Britain’s government look even more incompetent.

But what’s so funny about watching her imitate a petulant Johnson, getting all nervous when asked what he’s been up to all day, only to find out that all he’s got is that drawing a pair of breasts on paper? Perhaps that’s because it’s a better explanation of why Johnson locked London out four days before Christmas (after spending the latter part of last year telling everyone that ‘they could celebrate together) than the explanation we currently have. That he’s just useless at work.

Hello everyone, Cooper, the 40s queen of comedy.


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