Lindsay Lohan Asked This Video She’s Encouraging A Fan To Come Watch Her Parents Get Banged


Lindsay Lohan helped a fan speak to her parents, but apparently didn’t expect her post to go viral.
In a post on Sunday, TikTok user Alana said she reached out to the “Mean Girls” star to help her reveal the news to her parents.

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“I asked Lindsay Lohan to come see my parents for me in a cameo and she did the video,” Alana said. “It’s not at all what I expected.”

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“Hi Alana, this is Lindsay Lohan,” Lohan said. “I know you are about to take a really big step forward in telling your parents who you really are and what you want them to accept from you and I think you should do it yourself.

The actress continued, “I think that coming from you you will feel a lot of power and strength and it is important that you are who you really are and love yourself and that you can live with that and tell your friends. parents. I promise you they will understand.

Finally, Lohan added, “All the love in the world, strength and support. God bless you. Stay true to yourself. You are really beautiful and fast. ”

In a subsequent interview with Variety, Alana revealed that after her post went viral, she received a message from the Lindsay Lohan Cameo account asking her to remove the video. A screenshot read: “Hi! I just wanted to ask if you could delete the cameo as it is private for your use only. ”

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While a representative for Lohan did not respond to VarietyCameo’s request for comment, a Cameo rep said Alana did not have to remove it. “The user has a license to share the unedited video,” the representative confirmed.

According to Alana, Lohan’s cameo came with an attached message telling her that Lohan would be happy to redo the post if she was not satisfied.

“I ended up texting him and saying, ‘No, thank you. It was amazing. I am really inspired. ”

As to why she decided to share Lohan’s cameo publicly, Alana’s motivation was to inspire others in similar situations.

“My first reaction was, ‘I know there are so many people out there who need to hear this message, who are also struggling to come out or not – whether or not to be true to themselves. ‘ I didn’t think it was going to explode – whoever saw it, that was enough for me, ”she said.


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