Linda and Denise Nolan’s heartbreaking search for long-lost sister amid DNA test


Linda and Denise Nolan have opened up about their feelings amid their heartbreaking search for their longtime secret sister.
The singing sisters, from an Irish family of eight, set out to find their half-brother while awaiting the results of a DNA test.

Linda and Denise, who rose to fame in 1974 with their sibling group, The Nolan Sisters, discovered that their father Thomas Nolan had fathered another child through an affair.

The woman welcomed a bay girl who was said to have been born around 1952 and therefore would be the same age as Denise, who is 68.

Linda and her sister Maureen recently launched a Find Out on the Ray D’Arcy radio show as their mission to find their sister was explored on their At Home with the Nolans TV show, and Maureen put her DNA in a database in order to find their half. sibling.

Their mission to find their sister was explored in their TV show At Home with the Nolans.

Linda and Denise are now open to OK! Online about their grief looking for their long gone relative.

Linda, who recently revealed that her breast cancer had spread to her liver, said their mother told the family their sister had died.

“When our father died, our mother told us that we had a brother and she thought it was a girl, and she was happy that we were trying to find her,” she told the publication. .

“She told us how it happened and how daddy had an affair and this woman was pregnant the same time mom was pregnant and I’m one of those who are so excited.

“It was Maureen who went further and she did the DNA test and so we might find something.

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan revealed she believed she found her missing brother in an episode of At Home With The Nolans

Coleen, Anne, Denise, Maureen and Linda

Denise admitted that she was “one of the reluctant” when it came to looking for their half-brother.

She explained, “I thought I didn’t really want to bother anyone and thought her mom maybe never told her.

“But if we find her, I’ll welcome her with open arms if all goes well, but at the time, I thought I really didn’t want to open a box of worms.”

In December, Loose Women star Coleen Nolan revealed that she believed she had found her missing brother in an episode of At Home With The Nolans.

Their potential nephew contacted Coleen to tell him that his mother wanted to talk.

Sisters Nolan, Coleen and Maureen

The TV personality explained to her sisters, “So I’m sitting down watching TV with the family the other night, and I get a social media message from a cute guy who thinks his mom could be our. long lost sister!

Coleen reads the message: “His birth certificate has been tampered with, but his father’s name on the birth certificate is Thomas Nolan.

“Mom searched for years for her biological father in vain, and her mother even ordered a DNA test.

The sisters are now awaiting DNA results to find out if the woman is in fact their lost sister.


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