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#Ministers are currently in the process of finalizing the plans, promised last month in an attempt to dispel criticism from fishermen that the government sold the industry in a last-ditch attempt to secure a trade deal on the line. #This decision should allow #British crews to expand their fleet and capture species traditionally exclusive to the #French and the #Dutch.
The funding will also be used to stimulate the processing industry to ensure the ability to land the additional catches.
#Chancellor #Rishi #Sunak is said to have backed the move ahead of the signing of the #Brexit deal late last month.

A high-level government source told The #Times: “#We felt that the fishing fleet needed to be rebuilt to take advantage of the new access.

“#We had to invest a lot more in it if we really wanted to be able to catch the fish we are entitled to.

“#Rishi said, ‘#Yes we can do it. The treasury can find the money to help. “”

#Smaller UK operators are also expected to receive dividends from the funds, as most of the current quotas are controlled by large companies.

The trade deal struck with #Brussels on #Christmas #Eve allows the EU to keep 75% of the value of what it catches in UK waters, while 25% must be returned to UK fishermen during the transition period from five and a half years.

#From the summer of 2026, #Britain can reduce quotas or exclude boats within an area of ​​6 to 12 nautical miles.

#It comes as the #Royal #Navy has started patrolling UK territorial waters to mark the change as part of the post-Brexit deal.

#Hours before the deal came into effect on #New #Years #Day, the boats, armed with cannons and machine guns, left #Portsmouth to put an end to illegal fishing in UK fishing grounds.


8.46am update: #British pound hits highest level in three years after #Brexit deal

The pound sterling hit its highest value against the dollar in three years, fueled by optimism after #Boris #Johnson’s latest trade deal with the #European #Union.

#As of this morning, the #British pound is valued at $ 1.37 – a surefire indication of the restoration of confidence. The pound’s value has risen 0.3% against the dollar since trading began this morning.

The boost is particularly significant as it marks the first day of negotiations since the end of the transition period which saw the UK sever ties with the bloc.

The pound is also up 0.5% against the euro, at 1.1168.

The rise since the start of negotiations will likely be a late reaction to the deal being confirmed on #Christmas #Eve.

8:12 am update: #Brits blocked from visiting the #Netherlands

#At least a dozen #British nationals have been refused entry to the #Netherlands since #New #Year’s #Day.

#Under current EU-wide coronavirus measures, non-essential travel from most third countries is not allowed.

#Since the UK has now left the EU, the same rule applies.

The #Royal #Dutch #Marechaussee – the military police operating at the borders – told the BBC that the passengers arrived at #Schiphol on non-essential journeys and, as they did not qualify for any of the exceptions, were immediately sent home.


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