Lamar Jackson hopes his first snow game doesn’t come on Saturday against Buffalo


Lamar Jackson does not sing “Let it Snow” before Saturday’s Division Round game against the Bills in Buffalo.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback, who grew up in Florida and played ball in college in Louisville, said he had “no” football experience in the snow.

« I never got to play in the snowexcept the first time I saw snow in Louisville, but we had a snowball fight so it’s totally different playing in it, ”Jackson said on Tuesday. Yes, it will definitely be my first time playing football in the snow on Saturday. If that is the case. Hopefully not. ”

Wednesday morning, The Weather Channel predicts a 50 percent chance of snowfall with accumulations of less than an inch. With a mix of snow and rain expected in the area in the days leading up to Saturday night’s fight, the risk of snowfall may fluctuate.

While Jackson hopes to avoid playing in the snow, offenses have a critical advantage in such elements. They know where they are heading, providing a tactical advantage over defenders. It is much more difficult for defensive players to react on a slippery surface.

The biggest problem for Jackson could arise if the winds shifted around the park. Currently, projections are at gusts of up to 20 mph. If snow can be an advantage for infractions, wind is certainly a disadvantage. If strong winds are paired with a dusting of snow, the Buffalo weather would lend Baltimore to riding Jackson and ground play more than in even normal competition.


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