Krack Movie Review – Commercial Package!


2,75/ 5

154 min | Action-Drame | 09-01-2021

Actors – Raviteja, Shruti Haasan, Samuthirakani, Varalaxmi
Director – Gopichand Malineni
Producer – B. Madhu
Banner – Division des films Saraswati
The music – Thaman S

Krack is a movie aimed at the masses with Gopichand Malineni doing his best to incorporate all the elements that can excite mass audiences. The first serving of Tollywood for entertainment-craving moviegoers is the mass biryani.

What is it about?

Shankar (Ravi Teja) looks like an ordinary cop but he can become extremely dangerous to bad guys when rubbed on the wrong side. Katari Srinu (Samuthirakani) does just that and Krack talks about how the villain realizes his biggest mistake.


Playing a powerful cop is nothing new for Ravi Teja who had played Vikram Rathod, one of the most powerful cops ever seen on Telugu Screen. In Krack, there is a mixture of entertainment besides showing the ferocity of a cop since. Ravi Teja is past his prime, but there are a few flashes of his old self that will appeal to the masses. Shruti Haasan has looked contrived from the start and it turns out to be a deliberate ploy to make a certain scene work. Samuthirakani can play a regular Telugu cinema villain and he’s doing well. Ravi Shankar plays a villain but is entertaining. Saptagiri didn’t have the chance to leave his mark. Varalakshmi plays a character that looks like his previous releases.


Gopichand Malineni’s work seems awkward at first. In fact, the entire first half appears to be a collage of random scenes. It improves towards the interval and luckily he didn’t try to stray from the midpoint after the intermission. Gopichand Malineni is good at handling masala movies, but he shows him a new side in Krack, especially considering the jaw-dropping action episodes.

Thaman’s background music is jarring and loud at times, however, his songs are energetic and in tune with the masala stuff the film was loaded with. The cinematography is fantastic. The Combat Masters should be commended for composing some of the brilliant action sequences. The runtime could have been short as she becomes lethargic in the second half. The production values ​​are very good.

Points forts:

The Ravi Teja performance

Some action scenes

Masala tricks


Useless first half

Dated processing



Krack is a movie aimed at the masses from the start. The foreground of a raw mango, a fingernail, and a fifty rupee note looks unintentionally funny and the whole movie revolves around these three objects. These three random things play a big part in the lives of three villains who face the same fate at the hands of a sincere cop. The director tries too hard at first to add fun to the proceedings, but most of these scenes will make viewers cringe.

Ravi Teja is surely not at his vintage best, especially in comedy scenes. Therefore, these so-called comedy scenes were only useful as fillers. Things start to get interesting after a policeman is brutally killed. The intermission scene is routine but will excite the masses with the thrilling background score of Thaman and the action choreography of Ram Lakshman uplifting it.

Gopichand does not attempt to insert a forceful comedy after this point. He never tries to go into entertainment mode in the second half and just focuses on the hero versus villain showdown. Not all of the scenes clicked, but some scenes will surely work with the masses and some might find them downright silly. Things drag too far towards the end with so much pointless fighting and loud scenes to uplift the hero.

It’s a film aimed at the festival masses with some really well choreographed fights, energetic songs and good uplifting scenes. It’s an overall commercial thing where logic and sensibilities take a back seat. This would have been just another masala potboiler in the pre-covid era, but it might be enough for the masala craving audience who are patient enough to wait an entire day to watch a movie in theaters.

Bottom Line: Paquet commercial!

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