Katie Price in “agony” as she is forced to put on moon boots after walking “too soon”


Katie Price is said to be in “excruciating pain” from her foot injuries and doctors told her to “wear her hospital boots again.”
The advice comes after Katie appears to have made great strides in her recovery by walking again months before medics predicted.

The 42-year-old broke both feet while on vacation in Turkey last summer after jumping over a wall without realizing there was a 25-foot fall on the other side.

However, after taking her first steps in Novembe, Katie’s progress took a turn.

Katie Price shows off her moon boots after her last hospital appointment

The model attended a hospital appointment with her boyfriend Carl Woods in London today, after which she was seen putting her feet in her moon boots on the dashboard of her car .

A source then told The Sun that Katie took a step back in her recovery – but precautions are needed given the pain she is feeling.

They explained, “Katie was left in excruciating pain while walking recently, so made an appointment at the hospital to see how she is healing.

Katie’s right foot was swollen with a huge L-shaped scar running through it

Her left foot had a matching fit
Her left foot had a matching fit

“Unfortunately, they decided it was better for her to put her boots on for a while and not use her feet again.

“Katie is devastated by this as back in November she thought she was really on the road to a full recovery, but she is following medical advice and sticking to the boots so she can hopefully get back on your feet as soon as possible. ”

Katie was told she couldn’t walk for 18 months after her theme park accident.

Kate shared a selfie from her car on the way to the hospital
Katie documented her trip to the hospital for her appointment

The mom of five said the pain was so unbearable that she thought she would lose both legs or never walk again.

It was just a small wall that had flowers on top and I thought it was the same height on the other side – but it was a 25ft drop.

“I landed on my feet and it was like cement. I tried to get up and couldn’t. Then this pain hit my legs and I scream, “My legs! My legs! “”, She recalls.

Katie waves to the camera next to her boyfriend Carl Woods
Katie made a cheeky sign to the camera

After making such rapid progress, Katie was accused of faking her injuries after being seen walking around the Maldives months later – a rumor she quickly shot down with graphic photographs of her ‘mangled’ feet.

One of the photos showed Katie’s swollen right foot, marked with a huge L-shaped scar running from her ankle to her toe with the same thick black dots also appearing on her left side.

To further prove her point, Katie shared x-ray images showing the pins in her feet that left her unable to walk for six months.

In the accompanying caption, Katie didn’t hold back as she complained about her “life-changing” injuries.

“People who said I didn’t break my feet or people who said I had bunion surgery (even though I never had a bunion) still admit not that they wrongly accused me and speculated again that I made it up. , I will now see that I did not lie to the point of having undergone MAJOR SURGERY on injuries that have changed my life, ”she fired.


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