Jose Mourinho’s brutal crackdown on Mesut Ozil and how Spit talked about it with Mikel Arteta


Jose Mourinho delivered a blunt response to Mesut Ozil on Tuesday, after the Arsenal midfielder said he would rather retire than play for Tottenham.
“Who told him Tottenham would be interested in signing him?” Asked the Spurs boss, silencing the press conference.

Mourinho isn’t afraid to bust anyone in the football world, but this isn’t the first time the Portuguese have had an altercation with Ozil.

Mourinho managed the German at Real Madrid, and the duo had a huge row, which ultimately led the duo to leave the club.

Ozil recalled the argument in his book, revealing the shock was from Mourinho, suggesting the midfielder was not working hard enough at Real Madrid.

Ozil’s autobiography says: ” [Mourinho said to me] you think two nice passes are enough… you think you are so good that 50 percent is enough?

Mesut Ozil is expected to leave Arsenal this month

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“He’s pausing. Staring at me with his dark brown eyes. I look back at him. Like two boxers looking down before the first round. ”

“He doesn’t show any emotion. Just waiting for a response from me. How much I hate him right now. And I like Mourinho actually. ”

Ozil then reacted by removing his shirt and throwing Mourinho at which he replied, “” Oh, are you giving up now? You are a coward. What do you want?

“Slip into the beautiful hot shower. Shampoo your hair? Be alone? Or do you want to prove to your comrades, to the fans and to me what you can do? ”

Ozil continued, “I’m so fucked up. I’d like to throw my shoes at him.

“I want him to stop and finally leave me alone.” You know what, Mesut? Go ahead and cry. You are a baby going to take a shower. We don’t need you. Slowly I get up, grab my towel and walk past him without a word, without glancing at Mourinho. ”

Ozil fell out of favor under Mikel Arteta at Arsenal
Ozil fell out of favor under Mikel Arteta at Arsenal

Throughout this Arsenal saga, in which Ozil was frozen, boss Mikel Arteta has been portrayed as the villain.

The Gunners’ results have been poor and the club are clamoring for a creative player in the middle of the park – someone like Ozil.

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was one of the first to denounce Arteta’s decision to freeze Ozil in north London.

“I think it’s a mess for him [Ozil]”Wenger told the BBC.” Firstly because he is in the years when a player of his talent can produce the most. And it’s also a waste for the club because he’s a super talent, a creative talent that in the last third can create that deadly pass.

“The way football is going right now is quick back pressures, quick transitions and everyone is playing the same. It kicked out players like Ozil.

“But let’s not forget who this guy is. A world champion who played for Real Madrid. He was the record holder for assists, so you have to find a way to get him involved again. ”

Joe Mourinho sent Ozil a cheeky message during his press conference on Tuesday
Joe Mourinho sent Ozil a cheeky message during his press conference on Tuesday

Former Ozil teammate Jack Wilshere followed suit, telling Sky Sports: “I loved playing with him. He was a leading player. It’s a shame, but what’s going on is happening, and no one knows it, but I’m sure everyone will find it. One day. ”

Paul Merson added: “For me, Mesut Ozil comes back to the team if Thomas Partey is in good shape. Partey moves on the pitch, dominates the midfield and dictates the game. Playing him opens a chance for Ozil.

“At the moment, Arsenal have no one to provide the attackers. You can race all day, but if you are a center forward your races are as good as the players playing behind you.

“When these Arsenal players get the ball in midfield, over time, is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang racing? Is he convinced that they will see his race and are able to pass this ball through the eye of a needle? ”

“I would say no, so they need creativity. Fernando Torres was shopping when Steven Gerrard had the ball. They didn’t even have to look. ”

And even David Seaman popped up on The Target Men podcast, saying, “I’m surprised Arteta chooses to leave Mezut Ozil out because he’s such a quality player.

Ozil and Mourinho have a checkered history of their time together at Real Madrid
Ozil and Mourinho have a checkered history of their time together at Real Madrid

“I think something happened personally between the two of them, because to leave it out, and on the money that he spent, is a big statement and for me it is a bit of a waste, because it he is still a quality player.

“When you look at the Arsenal squad we are calling for a player like that, so why not build your team around Ozil rather than just let him out on the pitch and let him go. ”

Pressure had grown on Arteta to reinstate Ozil at Arsenal in January, but the German is now heavily linked with a move, suggesting the Spaniard has doubled his position.

It looks like Arteta isn’t convinced that Ozil will change places, which is why he’s not ready to change his mind.

Ozil’s memory of his clash with Mourinho suggests that the Spurs manager now felt the same about the midfielder, which is why he ended up selling him to Arsenal in 2013.

Arteta has never explicitly explained why he froze Ozil in the Premier League and Europa League this season.

Ozil played his last game for Arsenal

But his comments on what he expected from his Arsenal players, when he took the reins at Unai Emery in 2019, speak volumes and fully echo Mourinho’s sentiment.

“I want to do things my way, but convincing them that this is the right way for everyone to live better. Everyone should respect each other first and foremost, and I want people who are responsible for what I ask them to do. Arteta said when he took over as Arsenal boss.

“I don’t want them to hide, I want people to take responsibility for their work and I want people who bring passion and energy to the football club.

“Anyone who doesn’t buy into this, or has a negative effect or whatever, is not good enough for this environment or culture. There are things that need to be changed, absolutely, because they are not performing at the level that we expect them to be. ”

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