James Alex of Beach Slang charged with emotional abuse


James Alex of Beach Slang has been charged with emotional abuse. Former group manager Charlie Lowe last week said on twitter that she “suffered constant emotional, psychological and narcissistic abuse by James Alex for years.”
“I’ve learned that he sells his character too nice to be true to hide that he really is the most selfish horrible person I meet. I was diagnosed with C-PTSD because of the way he treated me, ”she continued. Lowe also shared other allegations of Alex’s abusive behavior sent to him over the past few days.

Today, a statement from Alex’s family was posted on Beach Slang’s Instagram, saying the group has split up and Alex is currently in treatment. “James was starting treatment before these allegations were made, and is now in an inpatient facility after attempting to kill himself,” the statement read in part.

Here is Lowe’s full charge:

I have suffered constant emotional, psychological and narcissistic abuse from James Alex for years. I learned that he sells his character too nice to be true to hide that he really is the most selfish horrible person I have ever met. I was diagnosed with C-PTSD because of the way he treated me.

So basically fuck him. Kiss his invented musical personality. Kiss his false kindness. Fuck him for using me almost daily. Fuck him for making me want to commit to going out. Fuck him for my therapy bills and my meds. Fuck him to get away from everyone I love.

Fuck him for using me as his personal fucking servant, on tour and not. To make sure I was still so screwed financially with no other option. To be a narcissistic textbook abuser. For making me feel so lonely and worthless.

I can see you clearly now. Kiss my ass.

You know what, I haven’t finished. Fuck him for punching holes in things because he was fed up with me crying with his own hand. Fuck him for calling me an ungrateful bitch when I said I wanted to see my friends. For telling me I wouldn’t have anything without him.

For telling me I wouldn’t have friends without him. Fuck him for literally telling me that treating me badly made him feel like a “rockstar”. I have spent years of my life consumed with fear and anxiety. FUCK.

Here are the additional claims:

And here is the statement from Alex’s family:

A message from the James family:

James is not perfect and never claimed to be. After a life of suicidal ideation, Beach Slang was simply intended to be an outlet for positivity in rock and roll, and an attempt to heal and heal himself and any sad or broken friends he met in the process of being. road. His “fake music character” was not a maliciously derivative facade to fool or harm anyone, it was a coping mechanism created to overcome his struggles. Yes, he did have times of compulsiveness, emotional instability, and chaotic relationships, but none of his actions were intentional or intended to hurt or harm anyone, certainly not those who cared or believed in him. .

They were the unfortunate result of unimaginable childhood trauma, violent physical, sexual and emotional abuse and years of serious untreated mental health issues that resulted. James is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, paranoid schizophrenia and now borderline personality disorder. This is not to invalidate or deny anyone’s feelings or experiences, but only to explain the unexplained or invisible cause of the effects, as the internet can be very black and white and mental illness is largely a problem. gray area.

While mental illness is no excuse for causing emotional strain on others, it must at least be admitted that it can cause a person to unknowingly hurt others and themselves with their words and actions. James was starting treatment before these allegations were made and is now in an inpatient facility after attempting to kill himself. He is getting the help he needs and will be on the road to recovery. Know that you have been heard. Although it didn’t seem like enough to him, or it came soon enough, he tried to make amends and come to terms with his behaviors.

James is not a monster. He is an imperfect and complex human being. He is also a father, son, husband and friend to those who still want to believe in him. He never intended to hurt anyone. And all parties involved were aware of his issues and could recognize them and tried to help him to the best of their ability at the time. Unfortunately, the help he needed was beyond the reach of family or friends with good intentions. He just wants to stay alive and do good with his kids, family and friends.

Beach Slang is finished. He does not intend to return to music. He would just like the opportunity for forgiveness, compassion and understanding to be forgotten so that everyone involved can move forward with peace in their lives. To those who have supported, played or worked with Beach Slang, thank you for your time, dedication and love. For those who can’t do this anymore, you can know it was always appreciated when you did, but understood if you can’t now.

I hope that everyone can live a healthy and happy life and close this chapter of their life. Think about his children right now, who are too young to understand or deal with any of this, other than their dad who is sick and can’t come home until he gets the help he needs. .

In response to the statement, Lowe said:

PSA’s past trauma is not a blank check to perpetuate more trauma. Thanks again for another RE manipulation tactic the BS on IG ‘statement’

Plus, this “statement” doesn’t contain any excuses or mention of me, which silences me as a victim and shines the spotlight on James for his sympathy. It’s unreal how disgusting and continues to be.

It’s also very curious that after SA, he even thinks about giving the IG password before going to the hospital? As if? Is the declaration expected? & thought??? & supposed to play on your sympathy ?????

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual violence, please contact RAINN or call the National Sexual Abuse Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800–273–8255 or go to SuicidePreventionLifeline.org to chat with someone online.


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