Images of 2022 Ford Maverick small truck reportedly leaked from factory


A single image of a 2022 Ford Maverick pickup is said to have leaked from inside the company’s assembly plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. First appearance on the forum Maverick Truck Club, the image betrays a single, compact truck with no doors, rolling on an assembly line wrapped in vinyl camouflage. It is almost certain that this is the Maverick pickup, which is said to be based on the small Bronco Sport SUV.
Whenever we hear the words ‘unibody pickup’ our minds usually turn to the slightly frumpy Honda Ridgeline or the weird and wacky Subaru BRAT, but the Maverick (if that’s what we’re looking at here) sounds like a lot. more conventional. A tall, wide grille features a center bar that bears the Ford logo, pairing well with the turn signals that nestle inside the C-shaped headlights. As such, the Maverick should fit in nicely with the others. members of the Ford truck family, including the tech-driven 2021 F-150.

Unlike the Ranger or the F-Series, the Maverick wears a plastic front bumper cover, which does a disservice in the “rugged style” department. It also appears to be a true monohull, with the passenger cabin and cargo area tied together with a single stamped sheet metal. Wide wheel arches, smaller wheels, and thicker tire sidewalls promise some ruggedness, and our experiences with the trail-ready Bronco Sport suggest the Maverick can deliver on those promises.

Of course, this lonely, grainy image is far from official, but it does suggest Ford is moving closer to confirming the Maverick rumor via a true reveal. If (when) that happens, the Maverick should come standard with the same turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-three as the Bronco Sport, offering an optional 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. The former should be suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who need to carry a mountain bike or camping gear on weekends, while the latter would be better for those who intend to do light off-roading or hiking. fill the bed with dense gardening material.

We think we should see the Ford Maverick 2022 in its entirety this spring, with consumer deliveries starting by the end of the year.


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