Hospital worker who flouted COVID rules defended vendor without mask fired by arbitrator


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But Jesin said the information on the website painted a “misleading and inaccurate picture” as the employee refused to admit any part of the recording’s secret creation and leakage.

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All of this suggests that he “was more oppositional than worrying,” the referee said.

The hospital suspended the man for five days, noting that he had previously been warned for making disrespectful comments about the women.

Then, in July, the worker and others decided to hold a pizza party to mark the end of union elections, despite the hospital banning such community events and food sharing during the pandemic. He and others brought pizza to the hospital, ignoring the screener, who said it wasn’t allowed. The employee denied being one of the pizza delivery men, but photographs clearly showed him with food in hand, the ruling said.

On the same day, he intervened when the scout told a salesperson entering the hospital to wear a mask.

“The official complained that hospital protocols were preventing employees from doing their jobs,” Jesin wrote. “According to the auditor, the grievor’s comments were full of profanity.

The arbitrator ordered the worker’s reinstatement, but without reinstating the wages he lost after being fired.

If he commits a fault that would normally result in disciplinary action within 18 months, the man can be fired for just cause, Jesin said.


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