Here’s our first look at the Galaxy S21’s custom colors.


When Samsung unveils its Galaxy S21 series in two days, we could have a big surprise. It looks like in addition to the standard color version, Samsung may also be launching a custom color scheme to give users a lot more variety than what is typically featured in a new line of devices.

A few different sources have released images of the Galaxy S21 series in custom colors. From what we can tell, “custom colors” simply means that Samsung plans to release more colors outside of the standard palette. We’ve known for some time that Samsung will release the Galaxy S21 series in black, white, pink, and purple. Custom colors greatly expand what we’ve seen leaked so far.

Businesses generally like to launch new devices in just a few colors or launch new colors in the middle of a product’s lifecycle. Samsung is apparently turning things around by launching its Galaxy S21 series in multiple colors from the start, including shades of gray, brown, blue and black. 91Mobiles claims the Galaxy S21 Ultra will ship in a Phantom Titanium, while Roland Quandt shared an image of the S21 Ultra in five different colors.

The Galaxy S21 Plus will apparently also be available in five colors, including a red and a light blue, while the Galaxy S21 will be available in four colors. That’s a lot of options for people who are tired of seeing their smartphone of choice released in just one or two colors.

Based on colors alone, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 series looks like one of the most stylish series the company has ever released. There’s an option for everyone, and Samsung does a pretty good job of differentiating the models, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra with a darker color scheme and the Galaxy S21 with brighter, more playful colors.

If you’re interested in learning more about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 series, check out our coverage.


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