Health Canada Approved COVID-19 Treatment Drug Rejected by British Columbia


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McDougall said the allocation of delivery sites is the responsibility of the Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial and territorial health authorities. The drug is available in some US states.

So far, Health Canada has approved two drugs for the treatment of COVID-19: remdesivir (an antiviral) and bamlanivimab.

Remdesivir was approved first and the Remdesivir Review and Counseling Working Group was established to decide how it should be used in British Columbia

BC Ministry of Health spokesperson Devon Smith said the remdesivir task force was also looking at bamlanivimab and recommended not doing so.Son usage.

“Bamlanivimab has little published evidence of clinical benefit and very limited safety data.” This Smith.

“The resources to administer ambulatory infusions to people with confirmed COVID-19 at their peak of infectivity, while being able to monitor and manage infusion reactions, are not currently available.

“It is not advisable to concentrate COVID-19 patients in emergency departments or day medical units to receive infusions. If additional evidence is available that more strongly supports the clinical benefit (eg, in long-term care patients), the role of bamlanivimab will be reassessed by (the working group). ”

The working group recommends the use of remdesivir in people over 12 years of age who are sick but do not need oxygen or ventilation. This drug also requires an intravenous infusion.

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