Google employees formed the company’s first-ever union


#Announced #Monday morning, #Alphabet’s workers’ union will be employee-led and open to both full-time workers and entrepreneurs of the tech giant.

“It’s historic,” #Dylan #Baker, a software engineer at #Google, said in a statement. “The premier union of a large tech company by and for all tech workers. #We will elect representatives, we will make decisions democratically, we will pay dues and we will hire qualified organizers to make sure all #Google employees know they can work with us. if they really want to see their business reflect their values. ”
The initiative was launched with more than 200 members, according to a #New #York #Times editorial published #Monday morning by the group. #No less than 226 members of the group have signed union cards with the #Communications #Workers of #America, one of the largest unions in the country.
#Unions can be accredited federally when a majority of a workplace votes to support one in an election held by the #National #Labor #Relations #Board. #Alternatively, according to the NLRB, a union can be voluntarily recognized by an employer if enough workers indicate that they would like the union to negotiate on their behalf.
“#We have always worked hard to create a supportive and rewarding workplace for our people,” #Kara #Silverstein, director of human operations at #Google, said in a statement to CNN #Business. “Of course, our employees have protected labor rights which we support. #But as we always have, we will continue to engage directly with all of our employees. ”

The union’s formation comes after years of growing tensions between #Google employees over the company’s business and operational decisions, including its work with the defense industry, censored search engine projects in #China and the The company’s handling of sexual misconduct complaints, the latest resulted in a massive employee protest. The union’s demands touch on many of these issues.

“#For far too long, thousands of us at #Google – and other affiliates of # #Alphabet, #Google’s parent company – have seen our workplace concerns dismissed by executives,” wrote the employed in the #Times editorial. “#Our bosses have worked with repressive governments around the world. They developed artificial intelligence technology for use by the #Department of #Defense and took advantage of advertisements from a hate group. They failed to make the changes needed to meaningfully solve our people retention issues. colored. ”

#Organizers made special mention of #Timnit #Gebru, a top AI researcher who recently left #Google after criticizing the company’s diversity efforts – sparking an uproar over #Google’s workplace practices.

#Some workers who have raised their voices in the past have been made redundant, in some cases leading to complaints to the NLRB. #In #December, the NLRB accused #Google of breaking the law when it allegedly fired two employees for organizing.


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