Glee, outrage, relief: Twitter reacts to the loss of its most infamous user | Donald trump


The permanent suspension of Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account sent shockwaves across the internet on Friday, prompting both scandalized and joyful reactions. The drama played out, of course, on Twitter.

Trump’s critics, including his colleagues on Capitol Hill, have long called for his account to be deactivated, while his allies have tried to defend or excuse the president’s online chaos.

Mark Warner, Democratic senator and frequent Silicon Valley critic, called it “not late,” but pointed out how much larger the disinformation ecosystem is than a single man.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said the president needed Twitter as “oxygen” and imagined he “would lose his marbles” because of the ban.

And Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and Trump’s 2016 rival, offered a concise summary.

Others have noted that the ban could be embarrassing for First Lady Melania Trump’s campaign against cyberbullying.

However, others, including Trump’s son Don Jr and former Trump ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, were quick to denounce the move as censorship.

Donald Trump has used Twitter to facilitate his rise to power and to incite real-world violence with grave consequences. He’s also used it over the years to scream into the void on a range of bizarre subjects.

After the president was permanently removed from the platform on Friday, users shared some memorable past posts: this time he was crazy about the nipples of former Congressman Barney Frank; this time he tweeted about his high IQ; this time, he wished a happy September 11 to all his enemies and losers; and this time he was oddly concerned about Kristen Stewart.

And still others took pleasure in imagining how Trump must have reacted to the news, or simply reveled in the unprecedented sight of Trump’s tale, a long thread of anger, attacks and conspiratorial lies, finally shut up.


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