Glasgow Poundland city center to go into ‘hibernation’ with 44 other stores


A popular Poundland store in Glasgow city center is one of 44 others that will go into ‘hibernation’ until the lockdown ends.
Union Street’s Poundland will close indefinitely after it closes this Saturday (January 9).

Other Scottish stores that are closing include the Ayr High Street branch and stores in Carlisle, Edinburgh, Perth, Dumfries, Inverness and Kirkcaldy.

It follows an 80% drop in attendance since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, after shopping malls and main streets were forced to close.

Colleagues in hibernating stores will be put on leave if necessary, bosses said.

Austin Cooke, director of retail for Poundland, said: “We learned valuable lessons during the March lockdown on how buying habits are changing as people stick to government advice. stay home.

“Putting a small number of stores into hibernation helps protect them in the long term and focus our attention on the majority of stores that remain open to serve their neighborhoods.

“We hope this lockdown will be short and we can reopen our hibernating stores as quickly as possible and we remain grateful for the vital support programs that help us protect jobs.

Around 800 Poundland stores will remain open.


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