Gemma Collins breaks blanket amid devastating parental battle with coronavirus


Gemma Collins returned to social media for the first time in more than a week as her beloved father battles the coronavirus.
The former TOWIE star, 39, has not been seen on her Instagram account since January 2, although she has occasionally posted an ad in her story.

She posted a photo telling fans their family were the best team they could have – but since then she’s worried followers about her absence.

Gemma, the generally active instigator, returned this weekend modeling a pink velvet tracksuit.

Once again flaunting her incredible three-stone weight loss, the GC looks happy and relaxed posing in a chic chair wearing her coordinating loungewear.

Gemma looks sensational in her pink velvet tracksuit

Fans are happy to see her again after both of her parents were stricken with the deadly Covid-19.

She had previously revealed that her father, Alan, had said he “would rather be dead” than sick like him.

Her mother Joan also has the killer virus, but is said to be recovering at home.

Gemma told fans on Christmas Eve that much-loved Alan was in the hospital – but has not released any updates on his condition since.

Gemma Collins’ father said he ‘would rather be dead’ as he battles Covid

She wrote at the time telling everyone to listen to the government: “Please take note of the guidelines!”

“Both my parents are extremely sick with Covid 19!

“See my father cry, which he never does!” It was a shock and to say that he would rather be dead to go through everything he is going through right now.

Gemma returned to social media this weekend after a week away

“It totally wiped him out and it’s heartbreaking – my mom too is extremely sick with Covid too, it’s real!

“And please take note and keep your loved ones SAFE. It is truly petrifying the difference a year makes. ”

Her fans wanted to make sure she knew she was on their mind when they left favorable comments on the post.

Gemma said her parents Alan and Joan were both fighting Covid-19

One of them commented: “I hope your parents are doing well. ”

“I’m thinking of you and your family today,” posted another.

A third wrote: “I wish your father a very quick recovery Gemma. Much love for you baby. ”


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