French auctioneers remove Nazi memorabilia from sale


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Clermont-Ferrand (France) (AFP)

A French auction house announced on Monday that it had removed around 100 Nazi memorabilia from a sale scheduled for this month in the central Auvergne region.

Nazi helmets, a bust of Adolf Hitler, a Waffen-SS armband and military decorations were among the items presented for the online auction.

The sale caught the attention of a person known only as “Axel” who oversees auctions of Nazi artifacts.

The objects appeared on the auctioneers’ site under the heading “French regulatory weapons and military articles from the 17th to the 19th century”.

“The objects in question were presented with a sticker covering the Nazi emblems, as we are legally allowed to do, but I have decided to remove them and they will be returned to the seller,” the commissioner of the sale, Philippe Casal.

Axel said that while these items could be bought and sold in France, it was illegal to advertise them.

He said he had found “at least 40” auctions of Nazi items planned over the next six months.

Lawyer and historian Serge Klarsfeld told AFP that Third Reich objects “are bought by people who are fascinated by Nazism, which is the ideology of a criminal organization”.

A number of planned sales of Nazi relics have been canceled in France since the start of the year after objections were raised.


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