France did not let China play procedural games on Kashmir, relations with Pakistan at all-time low: Macron’s adviser


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  • France thanked India for its support in the face of criticism of measures taken by the country to prevent radical Islamism
  • We want China to respect certain rules, we want China to be less aggressive: France

New Delhi: In a big boost for India, France said Paris had not let China play procedural games over Kashmir and had criticized Pakistan over terrorism. Emmanuel Bonne, the main adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron, said his country has always supported India on the Kashmir issue and never has to mince words.

“Whether on Kashmir, we have supported India for the sake of security. We didn’t let the Chinese play any procedural games. As far as the Himalayas are concerned, check our statements, they are perfectly clear. we say it publicly, we say it to the Chinese in private.

There is no ambiguity, ”he said during an event in the national capital.
While calling on China to be less aggressive, he called on China to respect international rules and abide by the rules.

“We want China to respect certain rules, we want China to be less aggressive, we want China to understand that we are present on the ground, willing and able to defend our interests,” he said.

Macron’s top adviser urged the international community to be strong in preventing Beijing from developing another set of standards and principles and formulating a global proposal that forces ‘Dragon’ to work within the same framework as other countries.

Bonne said that if China does not play by global rules, some consequences could be drawn.

Relations with Pakistan at a “historic low”: France

While criticizing Pakistan on the issue of terrorism, Macron’s main adviser acknowledged that relations between France and Pakistan are at a “historic low”.

Bonne’s statement comes against the backdrop of a wave of terrorist attacks in France last year.

An 18-year-old man of Chechen descent beheaded a 47-year-old teacher who had shown students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Three people died in a knife attack at a church in Nice on October 29. Macron had called this incident an “Islamist terrorist attack”.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan then attacked the French president, saying he “chose to deliberately provoke Muslims”.

He congratulated and thanked India for making its voice heard against terrorism and for expressing its solidarity during the terrorist attacks.


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