Ford Fiesta ST and Puma ST prices increase “due to Brexit”


Ford has significantly increased the prices of two of its most popular models for 2021, saying the increase was due to additional tariffs on components made outside the UK and the EU.
According to the UK price lists for December and January, the price of a Fiesta ST as an ST-2 trim increased by £ 1,455 at the start of this month. The ST-3 and ST Edition models have also increased by £ 1,695, meaning the range is now up to £ 28,770.

The recently launched Puma ST is also more expensive to buy this year. It was available to order from September Last year priced at £ 28,495, but this month that base price rose to £ 30,415 with no equipment upgrades.

Speaking to Autocar, a Ford UK spokesperson confirmed that the increase was “entirely linked to Brexit prices” as some of the engine components used in the production of both models originate from the United States.

These components push both models beyond the allowable limit on the proportion of goods that can be assembled from parts manufactured outside the UK and EU for tariff-free access. Known as ‘rules of origin’, this could mean that a number of other UK models assembled in the EU from components made elsewhere are becoming significantly more expensive.

Further clarification on this and many other areas of the recently ratified EU-UK trade deal is needed, industry leaders say. Mike Hawes, CEO of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, says his team “is waiting for details to make sure this deal works for all automotive products and technologies, including details on rules of origin and future regulatory cooperation ”.


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