Fast & Furious 9 Image Reveals New Look At Han’s Return


A new Fast furious 9 The image gives fans their last glimpse of Han’s miraculous return. The next installment in the physics-defying car franchise was originally slated for release in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced Universal to push it back for a year. This greatly disappointed fans who were bowled over by the surprises included in the first one. Fast and Furious 9 trailer, like the revelation that John Cena’s mysterious new character, Jakob, is in fact Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) brother. That alone generated a lot of excitement, but there was another big thrill for longtime fans: Han (Sung Kang) is back.

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Han Lue from Kang first appeared in 2006 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and went on to play a major role in several franchise installments, including some short films. Tokyo Drift saw Han die in a fiery car crash, but thanks to a timeline reshuffle that pushed the film back later, he was able to join Dom’s team for a while. By the time Furious 7 rolled up, however, Han was certainly dead, and villainous Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) was revealed to be responsible. Since then, fans have campaigned for Han for justice.

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Now with Han’s surprising resurrection in Fast and Furious 9, it looks like he might finally get it. THAT ONE sat down with Diesel to discuss the long-awaited action flick, and he briefly touched on the Han issue. Diesel called Han an ” integral character of this franchise“Before discussing the link between his return and Fast and Furious 9central theme of. Perhaps most excitingly, the interview gave the film a new image of Han and Dom coming face to face. Read on for the full Diesel quote and picture.

Han is an integral part of this franchise. If you remember, he’s somehow responsible for Dom Toretto’s years of absence. He’s the one who works with him in Mexico, he’s the only one who knows where Dom is, and in many ways is the bridge for Dom when Dom returns to Tokyo Drift. So there is something very special and magical about the character Han. When you see the movie you will feel it, but I believe deep down that’s another testament to not only not turning your back on the family, but not abandoning the family. Without revealing the plot, that’s the theme: don’t abandon the family.

Fast and Furious 9 Han and Dom reunite

Shaw’s continued presence in the Fast furious The franchise (which even culminated in a spin-off) left some fans wondering if Han could really get justice. At first glance, however, it certainly looks like a surprising resurrection could do just that. It’s still unclear exactly how Han is back, and fans shouldn’t expect this question to be answered until. Fast and Furious 9 is released. Yet one could say that the explanation does not matter; the simple fact of finding it is a major pleasure for the fans.

Han is just one of the many familiar faces that will appear in Fast and Furious 9, which could take the franchise to new heights. The rumor is that Fast and Furious 9 will send Dom and his family to space, though Diesel himself has been shy about the possibility recently. No matter where Fast and Furious 9 goes, it is certain that beyond that, the franchise has only two installments. Now that Han is back for the ninth movie, can fans expect him to stay until the end? Only time will tell.

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Source: EW

  • F9 / Fast & Furious 9 (2021)Release Date: May 28, 2021

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