‘False Positive’ COVID-19 Test Behind Canucks Cancellation Practice


VANCOUVER – A COVID-19 test for a Vancouver Canucks player returned with a “false positive” on Sunday, leading the team to cancel the day’s training camp.
The team said in a statement Sunday that it had canceled the practice “out of caution due to potential exposure to COVID-19.”

All players are tested every day when they come to the rink and a player’s test on Sunday came back positive, coach Travis Green said.

A second subsequent test on player _ who was not identified _ came back negative, Green said.

“At the time, we didn’t know whether it was a false positive or not. We wanted to take the necessary precautions and we just thought it was better to stay out of the ice and wait and see, ”he said, adding that the staff had decided it was better from a sanity to give players a day off.

The Canucks resumed training camp on Monday.

Vancouver was the first Canadian NHL team to shut down due to COVID-19, but the Dallas Stars, Columbus Blue Jackets and Pittsburgh Penguins have all been affected by the virus since camps opened. training earlier this month.

Given the current situation in the wider community, cancellations are going to happen in the NHL, Green said.

Players understand they will need to be adaptable this season, the coach added.

“It could happen again, and if it does, we have to be prepared to make changes and stay focused if we do,” he said.

Quinn Hughes said he was late for a meeting when he arrived at the rink on Sunday morning.

After taking his COVID test, the defender was wondering if he had time for breakfast when he ran into assistant coach Nolan Baumgartner in the elevator and was told there was had “a COVID fear”.

“I think we got lucky and nobody really was, just a little scared,” said Hughes.

The experience was a reminder that everyone needs to be vigilant about the protocols the team and the league have in place to keep everyone safe, he added.

“There are things we’re going to have to sacrifice if we’re going to play,” said Hughes. “You just have to rely on everyone being professional and staying away from places where they shouldn’t be. ”

Canucks captain Bo Horvat said the cancellation of training camp on Sunday was “a bit of a wake-up call.”

“I’m just happy that everyone is safe and we need to continue to follow protocols to make sure everyone is safe and healthy,” he said.

The Canucks are scheduled to start their season on Wednesday against the Oilers in Edmonton.


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