Elon Musk calls for ‘critical feedback’ on how he spends his fortune as he becomes the richest person in the world


Elon Musk has asked for suggestions on how he should spend his money, as Tesla and SpaceX CEO becomes richest person in the world.

The rapid rise in CEO wealth has left Mr. Musk on Twitter asking for advice on how to use his wealth.
“Critical feedback is always greatly appreciated, along with ways to give money that really makes a difference (much harder than it looks),” said Musk.

After Mr. Musk passed Jeff Bezos, he pinned an old tweet that highlighted those goals as well. “About half of my money is going to help solve problems on Earth and the other half to help establish a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure the continuity of life (of all species) in case Earth is affected.” by a meteor like dinosaurs or WWII, and we destroy ourselves, ”it reads.
“You should ask why I would want the money. The reason is not what you think. Very little time for leisure. I don’t have vacation homes or yachts or anything like that, ”Musk also said.

However, Mr. Musk’s apparent philanthropy has been called into question in the past. Documents obtained by The Guardian in 2019, show how the Musk Foundation – the CEO’s charitable foundation – benefited the billionaire’s own projects and his family.
The foundation has apparently donated more money to artificial intelligence research than to any other charitable cause.

According to Quartz, Mr Musk also donated $ 10 million to YC.org, a research group run by Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator, and two donations of $ 50 million to Vanguard and Fidelity – gifts that eclipsed the money he gave to “Global Green Usa” or the National Wildlife Federation.


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