Edmonton Oilers go beyond NHL guidelines in COVID-19 approach


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“We’re now in the daily league-wide testing routine, but we’ve been doing daily testing here for over two weeks and before that we were testing two to three times a week.

Remember the Denver Broncos have to play an NFL game missing all of their quarterbacks this season due to positive tests, possibly due to being together in quarterback meetings?

Dr. Naidu instantly thought about the Oilers league top power play with Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

“If we have a reunion of our power play in a small boardroom and one of them happens to be symptomatic or have COVID, that would take away our top five players,” he said.

“Our meetings will be different. We will have much larger rooms. Instead of using a video room at NAIT, we used the gymnasium. ”

Keeping a goal is a concern this season. But Dr Naidu had his own concern about goalkeepers.

“We have indicated that our goalkeepers should not be at the same dining table and that they should sit and dress on either side of the dressing room.”

And what about the six foot social distancing rule you’ve been asked to implement?

“In terms of social distancing, we use nine feet instead of six feet because when you breathe hard and train, you need more space,” he said.

On the road, the Oilers will now travel in convoys from airport to hotel and hotel to arena. They will use three buses, not one.

While he and Dr Robinson will share road trips, Dr Naidu is more concerned with the players at home.


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