Dog missing in France found after four years


A dog named Flynn, who went missing more than four years ago, will be reunited with his owner next week after an animal rescue association identifies him with his microchip.
Flynn is a mixed spaniel who went missing in Antibes in the south of France in October 2016. His owner was on vacation in Portugal at the time and the dog was staying with a friend of the owner.

The owner tried to track down Flynn by posting to social media groups and creating posters, but was unlucky.

Now, more than four years later, Flynn will finally be reunited with his owner after being rescued on January 11.

It is Matthieu Delpeut, president of the animal rescue association “Extrême Sauvetage”, who finally caught Flynn and identified him thanks to his microchip.

“This is the first time I hear the story of a dog found after four years. Finding a lost dog after so long is very, very rare, ”he said. The connection.

Flynn’s owner is currently traveling, but the couple will finally be reunited next week, Mr Delpeut said.

“He’s really excited,” Mr. Delpeut said of the owner.

“He had lost hope.

Flynn was found in Valbonne, a town near Antibes.

A man, identified as Charles in a video posted by Mr Delpeut on Facebook of the time Flynn was rescued, had been feeding him for a few months but said the dog was unreachable. He was worried for him when he saw him shake.

Charles contacted a local animal shelter called Refuge de l’Espoir in Mougins, who in turn contacted Mr Delpeut to try to catch the dog.

Mr Delpeut said the day before he had managed to catch Flynn, he realized he closely resembled a dog that went missing in 2016.

After using drones and a caged trap to retrieve the dog, he was able to identify him as Flynn.

“The dog had survived in difficult conditions. He had to go through trash cans to find food, ”said Mr. Delpeut.

“Fortunately, electronic tagging is mandatory. It is very important to identify the animals and it is thanks to this that we were able to find its owner and be sure that the dog is Flynn.

“It’s a crazy story, but a great way to start 2021.”


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