Difficult times for French restaurateurs


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                La réouverture des restaurants en France a une fois de plus été retardée au milieu de la crise du Covid-19, obligeant beaucoup à continuer à dépendre des livraisons et des aides du gouvernement pour survivre.  Mais selon des restaurateurs comme Mehdi, qui exploite un restaurant en Ile-de-France, c'est loin d'être suffisant.

                                    <p>En temps normal, le restaurant de Mehdi est ouvert toute la journée, sept jours par semaine.  Désormais, il n'est ouvert que le soir, pour emporter et livrer.

To keep the business going, Mehdi delivers the orders to customers himself.

“Personally, I stay open to stay in touch with my clients,” he says. “Normally, it’s always the customers who come to me, now it’s me who goes to their place or their place of work. ”

Tonight there were only three orders.

“I don’t really like looking at the numbers. It depresses me, ”Mehdi says.

Mehdi has asked for help in the form of a state guaranteed loan and a solidarity fund, but it is far from sufficient.

“1,500 euros, that’s all. When for an establishment like ours we have monthly charges between 18,000 and 20,000 euros. ”

In 2020, Mehdi’s restaurant lost 45% of its turnover while with financial worries, uncertainty weighs on staff morale.

Five of them now benefit from partial unemployment benefits.

“It really pisses me off. It’s not like empty chairs and tables, at least I can tell myself that it will come back, ”he says. “We’re talking about people I love who I love to work with… It affects people’s morale and health. ”

Things are unlikely to improve anytime soon for French restaurants. They are expected to remain closed until at least mid-February.

One in two restaurants should close their doors permanently due to the health crisis, according to market research firm Gira.



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