Daisy May Cooper Responds to Reaction to ‘Offensive Comments’ to Weight Loss Photo


Daisy May Cooper apologized to fans after quickly backing down on an offensive Instagram post.
The 34-year-old This Country star had shared a few selfies of herself as she celebrated her post-baby weight loss, but added that she looked like a “midget,” which infuriated people. legions of his fans.

Daisy took the mirror selfie on Sunday as she showed off the results of her keto diet that helped her get back into shape after welcoming her second son in September.

However, she responded quickly, after it became clear that the use of the word offensive had upset many people and she admitted in her apology, “I should know better.”

Daisy May Cooper apologized to fans for calling herself a ‘midget’ in a now deleted weight loss post shared on Instagram on Sunday.

In a separate post on her Instagram Story on Monday, Daisy wrote: “I am extremely sorry. Thank you very much to everyone who called me. I love you all. ”

The Little People of America Charity described the word midget as something “created as a label used to designate people of short stature who were displayed in public for curiosity and sport.”

The charity also says, “Today the word ‘dwarf’ is considered a derogatory insult. ”

Actor Warwick Davis, who has starred in the Star Wars films as well as Harry Potter, has previously explained on Twitter how offensive the word is.

He tweeted: “The use of the word ‘midget’ is not appropriate and is considered very offensive if it is aimed at someone with dwarfism. It is better to avoid its use under all circumstances. ”

Excuses de Daisy May Cooper

Daisy May Cooper was celebrating her post-baby weight loss
Daisy May Cooper welcomed a son in September

The NHS explains that dwarfism is a condition characterized by unusually short stature.

It could also mean that they have other physical problems, such as bowed legs or an unusually curved spine.

Daisy wrote that her keto diet was working well and that she was “shocked at how quickly the weight is dropping”.

She then continued to write, “Forgive the crappy mirrors and the gray bra and the fact that I’m not in the same position so I look like a dwarf on the right …

“And don’t panic… I’m not going to promote DVDs or weight loss products.

“Photo on the right taken on January 1st. Be thankful for all the keto advice, the only diet I’ve ever really enjoyed. “(Sic)

Daisy married her longtime partner Will Weston in 2019 and they have two children, a daughter named Pip and a son named Jack.

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