Curry silences skeptics with MVP-level play ahead of tilt against Raptors


Obviously, Stephen Curry heard the rumor that he was overrated, that he was a system gamer, and that his legacy was in danger.
After the Warriors got off to a slow start, dropping three of their first five games by 25 points or more, the Twitterverse started taking a few hits from Curry. Much of it has been fueled by Channing Frye’s critiques. On the heels of Curry scoring 26 points but being minus-27 in a loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, Frye said on the Dubs Talk podcast, “This year there are a lot of questions, no can he play, but can he adjust his game without these stars to make everyone a better place.” ”

Frye wanted to see a return to the playoffs and finals before giving Curry props.

“Until the Warriors come back without him, it’s like, ‘Well you had to have a stacked squad with five Hall of Famers,’” Frye said. “That’s the question, and it’s unfair, but can Steph do it?” this now?

The answer is that Curry has won two NBA MVP awards and three NBA Championships. His legacy is already cemented.

However, Curry had his own answer. The quieter statement game took place last Sunday when Curry created 50 of his 62 unassisted points. He followed with 30 more points and nearly a triple double in 31 minutes in the 137-106 win over the Sacramento Kings.

And Sunday, Curry and the Warriors face the Toronto Raptors at 8:30 p.m. ET on Sportsnet.

At 32 years and 295 days old, he became the second oldest player to score 60 just behind Kobe Bryant.

The Curry Brothers took turns taking subliminal shots at the growing group of haters after Curry dropped 62 points in response.

Stephen’s media response was equally clear.

“Great people always have confidence in who they are,” said Curry. “No matter what is said, it does not affect us or me in this regard.”

The feeling of being fed by being offended is something that grown-ups have in common, as Curry did. The last dance documentary as a reference to describe his state of mind.

“You know the same Jordan, right?” I take it all personally, ”says Curry. “I felt the opportunity to assert my will on the game early and try to build the energy, and you know, start on the right foot. ”

And this phenomenon is not new. Early in Curry’s career, people were going crazy when the Warriors traded Monta Ellis and gave Curry the keys to the franchise. Looking back, he unlocked the version of Curry that the basketball world can enjoy today.

I never understood Curry’s exaggerated slander. His brand is literally the underdog, the same size as the common man, who worked so hard at his craft he was so good he became a brand. While remaining so humble, his Curry brand powered by Under Armor has the slogan “to change the game for good” by channeling their profits to philanthropic causes for young people. Its basketball camps are nicknamed the underrated tour because they are designed for three-star rookies – what he came out of high school – and not five-star storefronts put up by most shoe brands.

He’s the basketball version of David vs. Goliath and then spends dimes to the community like Robin Hood. If he’s so easy to understand, why is he so hateful?

Whatever the reason, his game is not questionable.

Yes, last year Curry only played five games because of a broken hand. Yes, Curry will be 33 in March. But you don’t forget how to shoot. And I would say next to his grips and release, Curry’s biggest skill is his basketball IQ.

And the longevity of his greatness might be the most impressive factor. Before scoring 62 last week, his previous record was a 54-point game at Madison Square Garden when he exploded onto the stage as a must-see NBA League passing treasure. The Warriors’ starting center in that February 2013 game against the New York Knicks was Andris Biedrins. It’s a long marathon after playing pick-and-roll basketball alongside teenager James Wiseman now. And yet, curry like a fine wine improves over time.

After years of sacrifice, its use and its ego to welcome other stars, we are now in the process of returning to Davidson’s Curry. The guy we fell in love with in the NCAA tournament who chases his shot and uses the insane attention opposing defenses give him to allow his teammates to see wide open on the weak side.

After a slow start at the gate, his regression should mean another 50/40/90 season for the greatest shooter of all time. In 2021, Curry leads the NBA with a three-point score at 41. He averages seven free throw attempts per game, a career-high – well above his previous high of 5.2 – and his 11, 6 three-point attempts are just below his career high. .

Curry averages 30 points on a 45/39/95 field goal, three-point, and free throw line. Curry also leads the team with 6.8 assists per game despite only one teammate, Canadian Andrew Wiggins, averaging over 17 points per game.

There is a spectacle aspect to his greatness that is difficult to quantify. It’s not just what he does, it’s the unreasonable way he is capable. Even in practice. The viral video of his 105 straight lines in five minutes could be his best performance of the season.

It’s a shame it was a group of friends and families of 50 at the Chase Center to witness the heroics of the game. The building in the bay was literally made for these types of curry trails.

This fact was fully exposed on Friday when it was exclusively guarded by Patrick Beverley, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Despite the attention, Curry set the Warriors down 22 points with 19 points, four and six of three in the third quarter against the Clippers to beat the team with multiple stars and 115-105 championship aspirations. Curry finished with a line of 38 points, 11 assists and nine made three and three steals. The performance was his 26th career game with nine or more of three – no other player in history has 10.

To put what seemed like an evening of routine into perspective, it was his 50th career game with more than eight threes. No one else in NBA history has played 50 games with seven threes. Don’t take his greatness for granted.

It took a while for Curry to fully adjust to the constant, shameless defensive attention he receives without a Splash Brother next to him in the back court. The famous box-and-one Nick Nurse, just hard doubles and traps in the pick and roll, or a second or third body is thrown at him as soon as he crosses the half court. All eyes are on Curry because he’s the only name that matters in Golden State’s scouting report.

It also took some time for his teammates to learn the tendencies of his movement off the ball and the fact that often when Curry gives up it’s only as an outlet so he can move out and get it back when the defense begins to relax. Remember there was an abbreviated training camp and a preseason. Not only does he play with players who lack experience playing together, but Curry relies on teammates who don’t have a period of playing experience.

The Warriors offense isn’t a bunch of stationary games, but reading and reacting to compromise a defense, which when you play with veterans like Shaun Livingston, Andrew Bogut, Kevin Durant and David West, is a thing of the past. beauty. Now nine of his 15 teammates are 25 or younger.

As this chemistry develops, the numbers of video games that it puts together are expected to increase as well. Which is why it was such a hot and myopic take to think after a week of fantastic bad stats, Curry’s work was somewhat illegitimate.

Was there a more valuable player in the first month of the season? So far, Curry is averaging more points and assists with a higher use rate (33.6) and live fire percentage (0.631) than in his unanimous MVP season. As they go, they leave. The Warriors are now 5-0 when Curry scores over 30 points this season.

Curry is a force multiplier for good and an accelerator in the visual experience and in the earnings column. But don’t let the baby’s face fool you – it’s a rock-solid killer too.

This Sunday marks Curry’s first clash with the Raptors since they put him in a box-and-a-box, took his championship trophy, and put his dynasty on hiatus. If we’ve learned anything about Curry, it’s that he keeps the receipts.

The We The North devotees certainly weren’t part of the contingent that wondered if Curry was being overrated. Curry averages 28.3 points per game against the Raptors, the most against any opponent in his career.

A player who already enjoys playing against the Raptors because of his personal and family ties to the city no longer needs motivation. He also doesn’t need to do anything else to prove his greatness. But he still plays like he has something to prove.

He might not be the MVP, but he still has the MWP crown: the most watchable player. Watch what you say about it.


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