COVID-19 in Saskatchewan: Record hospitalizations, 412 new cases, 8 new deaths reported Monday


Eight more people have died in Saskatchewan, and hospitalizations from COVID-19 are at an all time high.
Four of the deaths were in the 80 and over age group, two in the 60 to 69 age range, one in the 50 to 59 age range, and one in the 30 to 39 age group.

According to the province, 197 people are currently hospitalized, including 31 in intensive care. The previous hospitalization record was 182.

There are 412 new known cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, bringing the number of known active cases to 3,735.

Today, Saskatchewan also hits its highest seven-day average of new cases on record at 307. The previous one was on December 12 at 292.

The new cases are in:

  • Far north-west (33).
  • Far north center (new).
  • Far north-east (80).
  • North West (102).
  • North Center (95).
  • North-East (48).
  • Saskatoon area (142).
  • Center-West (four).
  • Center-East (23).
  • Queen zone (88).
  • Southwest (one).
  • South Center (12).
  • South-east (47).
  • Pending location (35).


The province administered 833 new vaccinations on Sunday, bringing the total to 8,948. The province expects 6,825 new doses of Pfizer vaccine and 5,400 doses of Moderna vaccine to arrive this week.

On Pfizer’s advice, this vaccine should be transferred “to long-term care homes and personal care centers and clinics in the communities where Pzifer is distributed.” It will start immediately in Prince Albert, ā€¯according to a press release from the province.

The new vaccinations were located as follows:

  • Regina (222).
  • Saskatoon (54).
  • Prince Albert (117).
  • Far north-east (234).
  • Northeast (206).

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