COVID-19: Call for more frontline workers to help ‘year of growth and renewal’ | UK News


#Boris #Johnson is calling for more teachers, nurses, police and other frontline workers to help the UK recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

The #Prime #Minister will invite those looking for a job or a career change this year to consider frontline roles in the public sector.

#An advertising campaign will begin on #January 5 on television in #England and #Wales.

#Mr #Johnson said: ‘#We have the best public servants and I feel a tremendous sense of awe when I think of the care, courage and determination with which our doctors, nurses, teachers, police and prison staff have met the challenges. . of the pandemic.

“There is light at the end of the COVID tunnel – the vaccine offers growing hope of returning to normal by #Easter and I am determined to build better after the pandemic and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

“#My commitment to recruiting more teachers, nurses, police and other frontline workers is unwavering.

“We’ve made good progress this year, but 2021 will be a year of growth and renewal – and having the best frontline workers will be a critical part of that. ”

#More than a million people are believed to have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the recruitment blitz will encourage them to consider frontline positions.

#One of the career paths targeted is nursing, as the government has promised to recruit 50,000 more nurses by 2024.

#According to the #Department of #Health and #Welfare, the number of NHS nurses in #England increased by 13,313 last year to a record 299,184.

#But a spokesperson for the #Royal #College of #Nursing said nurse recruitment numbers for 2020 had been “inflated” by the return of staff to work during the pandemic.

“The level of vacant nursing jobs is stubbornly high at the start of 2021,” the spokesperson warned.

“The government must do all it can to convince these professionals to stay and bring in more on a permanent basis, with an early and significant salary increase from the NHS and the real support that students are receiving in care nurses need.

#Government figures show that the number of doctors increased by 6,030 last year, and the government is also seeking 20,000 more police officers, of whom 6,000 are already hired.

There were 41,000 new teaching interns recruited in 2020 and around 900 additional staff were recruited for border force work, with another 1,100 due to be hired by #July, a spokesperson for #Number 10 said.

The #Justice #Ministry plans to recruit another 3,200 prison officers and 1,500 probation officers in the 2021/22 fiscal year, a spokesperson added.

#Unison #Deputy #General #Secretary #Christina #McAnea said: “If the government is serious about recruiting, it must end the public sector pay freeze announced by the #Chancellor a few weeks ago. ”


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