Coronation Street braces for ‘dark’ scenes as Abi ‘goes off to fight for his life’


Abi Franklin will be caught in the crossfire on Coronation Street in future scenes, as Ray Crosby faces his downfall.
Faye Windass will find the courage to denounce her attempted rape, as she confides to her ex Craig Tinker.

Abi will also be on the hunt for her ex Ray, in the midst of her plan to destroy the streets.

She decides to find some evidence to catch up with him, but she is soon put in danger.

Amid new spoilers, This Morning soap expert Sharon Marshall has revealed “dark” scenes are on the way.

Corrie’s Abi will face Ray

She confirmed that Abi would be left to “fight for her life” too, as the scenes with Ray and those involved take a shocking turn.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, she explained, “It’s all going to take a really nasty turn, he’s a real old school street bad guy.

“Things are going to get very dark, and what I can say is that it is Abi who is going to end up fighting for his life. How far is Ray going to go to get what he wants?

Sharon revealed that Abi was in grave danger

It comes as new ITV spoilers have revealed Faye will speak out and Abi will obtain incriminating evidence against Ray.

Ray meets Susan who blackmails him, asking her for £ 20,000 or she will reveal that he bribed her.

Abi hides behind the bar and manages to record the couple as they discuss their crimes.

Abi will fight for his life

Ray later tells Abi that he will confess to the assault on Faye, as long as she removes the revealing video.

But suddenly Abi collapses and Ray steals her phone – with the feeling that he’s somehow involved in her fear of health.

Debbie soon arrives and is horrified to find her lying on the floor, but Ray refuses to let her call an ambulance – telling her that she has to help him out of this mess.

Faye finds the strength to confess

So will Ray let her die and will Debbie manage to help her before it’s too late?

Viewers will have to tune in next week to find out what’s going on.

This morning airs weekdays at 10 a.m. on ITV.


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