Complaint filed against a French professor in an incest case that shook France


This content was published on January 26, 2021 – 20:53

PARIS (Reuters) – The son-in-law of a famous French professor and political commentator has filed a complaint against him with prosecutors for alleged incest, in a case that rocked France and prompted a review of the law.

According to French law, incest is sexual abuse by any relationship, even if they are not related by blood.

The charges against Olivier Duhamel first surfaced in a book written by his stepdaughter Camille Kouchner, sister of the alleged victim.

The case has led to hundreds of people sharing their stories of incest on social media, and French President Emmanuel Macron said over the weekend that France would strengthen its incest laws and seek to better protect children.

“The alleged victim … has filed a complaint against his former father-in-law Olivier Duhamel following the opening of a preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office,” said lawyer Jacqueline Laffont in a statement.

Duhamel’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Duhamel resigned this month from his supervisory post at Sciences Po, one of France’s top universities, after the book was published.

He said he resigned after being “personally attacked”, but neither he nor his lawyer have commented on the charges, which relate to events dating back to the 1980s.

Macron said on Saturday he had asked the justice minister to chair a consultation aimed at quickly making legislative proposals.

(Reporting by Elizabeth Pineau; Writing by Geert De Clercq; Editing by Alexandra Hudson)


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