City of Edmonton issues 60 permanent layoff notices in light of 2021 budget – Edmonton


In December, Edmonton city councilors passed the 2021 budget with a zero percent tax increase, acknowledging that many residents are suffering financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this zero percent levy – the lowest since 1997 – came at a cost.
It took about $ 49.9 million in cuts to the department’s budget, which required cuts, including more than 300 jobs in the city.

As of Tuesday afternoon, city officials said they had kicked off the process by issuing about 60 layoff notices this month.

“It has been a very emotional and difficult time for all of us,” said Kim Armstrong, deputy city manager of employee services on Tuesday.

“These departures are the result of financial pressures. We are sorry to lose these colleagues. Our employees do quality work. Their work is both appreciated and important. “

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About a quarter are for management and three quarters for unionized employees. In order to fully achieve the fiscal impacts, further cuts will likely continue until 2021, the city said.

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The City has managed to “dramatically reduce” the number of actual layoffs by cutting some positions that had remained vacant for most of last year, moving people to other vacant positions and through other workforce strategies, including an early retirement and voluntary layoff program. These strategies amounted to about 260 positions, Armstrong explained.

“We have used a number of financial strategies to achieve the zero percent budget target, including reducing spending and finding efficiencies,” she said. “But it was not possible to achieve our budget reduction targets without downsizing.”

City of Edmonton Fires 60 Managers and Unionized Employees Due to Budget Cuts

City of Edmonton sacks 60 managers and unionized workers amid budget cuts

Since most of the 60 positions being cut are unionized jobs covered by a collective agreement, seniority and “bumping rights” come into play, meaning the process could take several weeks.

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“The coming weeks will be difficult for many people in our organization,” Armstrong said. “We approach these conversations with compassion and support our leaders and employees.”

She could not say which departments or sectors had been affected by the layoffs, but noted that they span “a number of branches in each department in the city.”

“I do not know of any area which has been exempted from the budgetary consideration”, she added.

“We literally looked across the business… Every part of the city participated. We involved the agency directors … [looked at] which services could be modified, reduced, where we could find efficiency gains. ”

City of Edmonton reviewed every department when cutting jobs

City of Edmonton reviewed every department when cutting jobs

The city continues to review programs and monitor revenue, and further adjustments may be made in the coming months.

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“Today’s announcement is not the end, but rather the continuation of our work to ensure the city’s budget can meet the needs of Edmontonians,” said Armstrong.

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She did not rule out more job cuts.

“The redesigned service review… these reviews will take place during the year. It is possible once these reviews are completed… there could be more layoffs.

“In addition, the implementation of the 2021 budget will take place during 2021. This is the first phase of the implementation.”

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City of Edmonton to review service in 5 areas, including transit and fire

City of Edmonton to review service in 5 areas, including transit and fire

Redesigned Service Review examines the effectiveness of five business lines: Community Recreation Facilities, ETS Park, Parks & Highway, Edmonton Transit, and Fire Rescue Services from Edmonton.

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While these departments are under closer scrutiny now for possible efficiencies, they “have by no means been left out for consideration in our budget deliberations,” Armstrong said.

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Edmonton passes 2021 budget with 0% tax increase

Edmonton passes 2021 budget with 0% tax increase – December 11, 2020

In a previous administration update in November, councilors had heard that the budget cuts would come from additional savings – including the Edmonton Public Library offering a cut in its annual funding from tax levies – spending cuts , service reductions – including reductions in operating hours at facilities reduction in off-peak transit services, in terms of facilities and fleet management – and use of one-time funding sources.

At the time, city administration reports to council recommended cutting 338 full-time equivalent positions in the city, including 108 in supervisory or middle management positions.

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Edmonton’s proposed budget includes cuts of $ 64 million, but a 0% tax increase

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In December, the Board discussed operating budget adjustments totaling $ 64 million, with continued cuts of $ 56.5 million in departmental budgets and $ 7.5 million in forecast adjustments, approving finally, $ 49.9 million in budget cuts for the ministry. , but chose to continue funding:

    • Five leisure facilities in 2021: the Eastglen and Scona leisure centers, the Oliver outdoor swimming pool and the Oliver and Tipton arenas
    • The sterilization and sterilization program at the Animal Care and Control Center
    • Community investment operating grants for an additional year
    • All scheduled hours of service for the Edmonton Transit bus network overhaul, turf maintenance service levels and Green Shack programming in spring, fall and winter

These programs can continue while maintaining a zero percent tax increase for 2021.

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Edmontonians weigh on city services and recreation centers in public budget hearing

Edmontonians weigh on municipal services and recreation centers in public budget hearing – December 3, 2020
“These are difficult times”, Coun. Said Bev Esslinger. “Reduced income and increased spending and this budget reflects that.

“We’re not going to satisfy everyone with this budget, but we’ve done our best,” she said. “It was not easy.”

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